Research Associate
Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić, Dr.-Ing. RWTH Aachen

Room: 0340 A 


Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić is an architect (Belgrade University, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and researcher with interests in various forms of collective production of architecture and the exchange between architecture and social and political theories. Her doctoral thesis (RWTH Aachen Architekturtheorie, Prof. Axel Sowa) explores microhistories of building sites in periods of societal modernization by reflecting, through the construction process, oral histories and the social and philosophical discourses of the time.

Andjelka Badnjar has taught architecture at faculties in Montenegro, Barcelona and RWTH Aachen, where she was awarded a fellowship. She has worked as an architect for offices in Germany, in Belgrade and on her own projects, such as the reconstruction of the socialist-era factory as the public University of Arts in Montenegro. She has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, participated in conferences and written papers in peer-reviewed journals. Her forthcoming book Praxis of Collective Building. Narratives on Philosophy and Construction will be published by JOVIS Verlag. Since March 2023 she has worked as a research associate at the Architekturmuseum der TUM and Chair of History of Architecture and Curatorial Practice, Prof. Andres Lepik.


Selected publications:

Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić: Praxis of Collective Building. Narratives of Philosophy and Construction. Berlin: JOVIS Verlag, 2023, forthcoming.

Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić: “Praxis and Action: Toward Building as a Collective Practice in Postwar Yugoslavia.” Grey Room no. 90 (Spring 2023).

Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić: “Culture-Creating Practices: The Case of Building by Voluntary Action.” OASE no. 114, Optimism or Bust? (Spring 2023).

Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić: “Opening Prefabrication to Participation: The Institute for Materials Testing between Switzerland, Yugoslavia and Cuba.” In Three Decades of Post-socialist Transition, edited by Nebojša Čamprag, Anshika Suri. Darmstadt: Technische Universität Darmstadt Press, 2019.

Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić: “The Collective and Aldo Rossi’s L’architettura della città.” Histories of Postwar Architecture no. 2 (2018).

Andjelka Badnjar Gojnić: “From Collective of Action toward Collective Behavior: The Human Condition 1958 and The Human Habitat 1959.” North Street Review: Artifice (2017).