Design and Building Typology - Systems


The studio 'Design and Building Typology: Systems’ develops visions for the eco-social renewal of existing public buildings. This semester we are designing the transformation of a vacant building of the Deutsche Bahn at the train station Lohhof in Munich. This practice-based project was developed in close collaboration with the Deutsche Bahn and the local municipality. Together, we want to promote regenerative concepts for living, working, and cultural activities.

We focus on vacant buildings by applying local circular systems and their potential to our design concepts. This includes the practices of recycling, transformation, reusing, and repairing. We develop holistic and sustainable concepts for a future with community-oriented use. A contemporary circular economy takes into account all material flows along the value chain, from raw material extraction to waste management. Our design takes into account the future user together with the existing building on a political, legal, and social level.

In order to develop concepts for the transformation and revitalization of the train station Lohhof that are as resilient and sustainable as possible, three students team up, each with specific expertise in one focus area: economy, ecology, and social.

We start with a field trip to the site, the local municipality, and the first timber train station of the Deutsche Bahn around Munich, giving us insight and knowledge. In the design phase, specific inputs as well as external guests will support the student projects towards a presentation at the end of the semester.


Prof. Niklas Fanelsa, Victoria Schweyer and Dilan Vural


Deutsche Bahn