Julia Ihls, M.A., Dipl. Des.

Julia Ihls is an interdisciplinary researcher and designer at the intersections of (natural-)philosophy, media theory and scenography. After studying art and media studies (M.A.) in Konstanz and Cork, and scenography/media art (Dipl.) in Karlsruhe, she worked as a concept designer and writer, among others for the ZKM Karlsruhe. Since April 2021, she is the head of the Bio Design Lab at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, where – besides teaching and curating – she researches on new (bio-)materials and convivialism. After hosting various collaborative projects like the „Future of Life“ Summer School she started her media-based dissertation project „Labmospheres“ at the Professorship of Architecture and Design at the School of Engineering and Design at the Technical University of Munich in December 2022. As a PhD candidate, she is investigating transdisciplinary lab structures on the basis of international case studies and is working on the conception and realisation of a Bio Lab at the TU that functions as an evolutive platform for connection and collaboration with local partners and using local resources.