Alte Utting

The Alte Utting is an art and cultural project with a restaurant on an old excursion boat from the Ammersee on an unused railroad bridge. The mix of café, bar and restaurant with readings, concerts, theater performances and similar events is located at the interface between the slaughterhouse and the wholesale market area. Both neighborhoods are currently in a state of change.


Type of intervention: Installation
Project character: events
Theme: active city / social city
Project goal: playfulness / activation

Project location: Munich; Sendling/Großmarktareal; Lagerhausstraße 15
Project dimension: approx. 1,200m2

Project period: since 26.07.2018
Project duration: several years
Project frequency: permanent
Project timeliness: ongoing

Open space type: abandoned railroad bridge
Ownership: public land
Accessibility: with access restriction - fenced area with opening hours; slight compulsion to consume

Clients: none
Creators: Alte Utting GmbH, represented by Daniel Hahn // Organizer
Project partners: unknown
Other actors: external restaurateurs within the complex, artists, musicians

(Commissioned) budget: none
Funding: Funding of individual program points by the Department of Culture, City of Munich / District Committee
Own funds: admission fees / gastronomy

Planning context ★★☆☆☆
Thematic planning context:
Alte Utting addresses the shortage of land in a neighborhood that is undergoing significant change. It occupies an otherwise "useless" area as a meeting point and place of identification for the neighborhood. With the MS Utting, a piece of Munich leisure culture is revived and lived on.

Spatial planning reference:
The Old Utting stages a previously unknown location in a spectacular way. The no longer used railroad bridge between the Schlachthofviertel and Großmarkt is one of the few fallow areas in Munich. In general, the area is currently undergoing great upheaval and transformation.

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Author*s Profile
Carina Brandl, Caren Huckle, Amelie Kessler

Amelie Kessler, TUM, 2019

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Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel