"Applaus" is a site-specific temporary acoustic installation in the context of the series "Frequenzen". It recalls the Starnberg Flügelbahnhof as a place of welcome, where GDR citizens were welcomed in 1989 after the fall of the Wall and refugees in 2015. The artist Sofia Dona asks how we can perceive this applause today against the background of the current political climate.


Type of intervention: Installation
Project character: art
Theme: social city / integration / making history tangible
Project goal: discourse / playfulness

Project location: Munich; Ludwigsvorstadt; Arnulfstraße 3 (Starnberger Flügelbahnhof)
Project dimension: 800m²

Project period: 11.05 - 11.06.2019
Project duration: 1 month
project frequency: daily
Project timings: completed

Open space type: train station concourse
Ownership: private land
Accessibility: partially restricted access - opening hours, subject to private law

Client*s: Department of Culture, City of Munich // Administration
Creators: Sofia Dona // artist
Project partners: Deutsche Bahn AG, "Mein Einkaufsbahnhof" - MEKB GmbH // entrepreneur
Further actors: unknown

(Commissioned) budget: Department of Culture, City of Munich
Funding: unknown
Own funds: unknown

Planning context ★★★☆☆
Thematic planning context:
The installation makes the history of the site tangible for passersby*

Spatial planning reference:
The station concourse is empty and will be demolished in the coming years and replaced by a new station building with a hotel.

Research sources
Department of Culture, Dept. 1 - Art in Public Space, 2018. competition Art in Public Space for project applications up to EUR 15,000 gross for 2019: "Frequenzen". (öffentlichen%20raum%20-%20frequenzen.pdf, 13.06.2019)
City of Munich, n.d.. Frequencies - acoustic dimensions of the city. (, 13.06.2019)

Authors' profile
Gero Engeser, Robert Rothe, Melissa Apolaya, Victoria Wakulicz

Robert Rothe, TUM, 2019

Editorial revision
Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel