Container Collective

The Container Collective is a convoluted multi-story complex of old shipping containers, which are now used as offices, stores or for catering. The created spaces and the open spaces in between serve as a stage for a variety of events by different users.


Type of intervention: Installation
Project character: events / art / temporary use
Theme: active city / urban gardens
Project goal: play / area development / transformation

Project Location: Munich; Berg am Laim; Atelierstraße 4 in the Werksviertel
Project dimension: 500 m2

Project period: since January 2017 until probably December 2020
Project duration: 3 years
Project frequency: one-time
Project timings: ongoing

Open space type: conversion area
Ownership: private land
Accessibility: partially access restricted - crossing and stay are not access restricted,
however, the seating and the sun deck belong to catering businesses (compulsory consumption)

Client*s: Werner Eckert // Property owner
Creators: Robinson Kuhlman, Neville Kuhlmann, Markus Frankl // Organizer
Project partners: Art Gallery COMA - Container of Modern Art, Qualia Monaco Custom Motorcycles, Radio 80000, Graphic Designer Michael "Mixen" Wiethaus & Conny Mirbach, Skateshop SooHotRightNow (SHRN), Designer Pawel Szczypinski, Cocktail School Michael Obalski, Digital Agency Social Media Piraten
Other actors: Temporary users of the areas to be rented.

(Contract) Budget: Provision of containers and planters by investor
Funding: unknown
Own funds: gastronomy / retail / trade

Planning context ★★★★★
Thematic planning context:
Questioning and attempting to solve how creative interim uses during the transformation process from a conversion area to a new urban quarter can be enabled to achieve the intended diversity
can be achieved.

Spatial planning reference:
Until the planned development, the containers and open spaces use the conversion area and create an entrance situation to the future Werksviertel, which illustrates its creative character. This interim use with wild charm is intended to positively influence the development of the Werksviertel.

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Robert Rothe, Gero Engeser

Robert Rothe, TUM, 2019

Robert Rothe, TUM, 2019

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