Giesinger Grünspitzplatz

Open space of a former car dealership used as a neighborhood meeting place with chestnut trees, seating furniture, a bar and a pavilion. The area, located between two streets, is used for urban gardens, swap markets and workshops, among other things.


Type of intervention: Installation / Action
Project character: planning process / interim use
Theme: social city / active city / green city
Project goal: activation / transformation

Project location: Munich; Giesing; Martin-Luther-Strasse
Project dimension: 2.000m2

Project period: since 2014 until 2020
Project duration: 6 years
project frequency: permanent
Project timings: ongoing

Type of open space: conversion area
Ownership: public land
Accessibility: not restricted

Client*s: Münchner Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung mbH // Contractor
Creators: Green City e.V. // Activist
Project partners: Soziale Stadt Giesing, Baumbua Baumpflege, Vera GmbH, Kulturverstrickungen e.V., TSV 1860 Fan Projekt // Social service provider*, entrepreneur*, activist*, interest group.
Other actors: Residents*, sponsors*, interested parties // Citizen*, entrepreneur*.

(Contract) Budget: none
Funding: Urban development funding in the federal-state program "Cities with Special Development Needs - Socially Integrative City" / State Capital Munich
Own funds: donations / gastronomy

Planning context ★★★★★
Thematic planning context:
Public open space as a meeting place in the context of the "Socially Integrative City" program.

Spatial planning reference:
With a community garden, seating and playground equipment made of recycled material, cultural events and installations by local artists*, the Giesinger Grünspitz will become a new social meeting space for residents of the neighborhood near the Grünwalder Stadion. This will provide an opportunity to engage with ideas about the future use of the space.

Research sources
Green City e.V. URL: 05.062019 / Stadtteilladen Giesing. URL: 05.06.2019

Author*s profile
Christopher King

Christopher King, TUM, 2019

Editorial revision
Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel