"Motorenwelt 2020" is a lecture with concert in which the artists read letters to the editor of an automobile magazine to themselves and to the audience on two opposite sides of a busy street. The street noise becomes part of the performance, which transforms into an electronic concert.


Type of intervention: Action
Project character: Art / Event
Theme: Traffic
Project goal: Activation / Discourse

Project location: Munich; location still unknown
Project dimension: unknown

Project period: mid-September
Project duration: unknown
project frequency: one-off
Project timeline: in planning

Open space type: traffic space
Ownership: public land
Accessibility: not restricted

Client*s: Department of Culture, City of Munich // Administration
Creators: Thomas Glatz and Martin Krejci // Artist
Project partners: unknown
Further actors: unknown

(Commissioned) budget: Department of Culture, City of Munich // Administration
Funding: unknown
Own funds: unknown

Planning context ★☆☆☆☆
Thematic planning context:
The theme of the reading "Letters to the Editor of an Automobile Magazine" builds a direct reference to the surrounding traffic environment.

Spatial planning reference:
In the performance, modes of lecture that are more or less exclusively applied in quiet environments are applied in an extremely moving, busy street space. Thus, the ever-changing street space itself becomes the subject and "participant" of the action.
However, there is no direct spatial planning reference.

Research sources
Department of Culture, Dept. 1 - Art in Public Space, 2018. competition Art in Public Space for project applications up to EUR 15,000 gross for the year 2019: "Frequenzen". (öffentlichen%20raum%20-%20frequenzen.pdf, 13.06.2019)Landeshauptstadt München, 2019. frequencies - acoustic dimensions of the city. (, 13.06.2019)

Melissa Apolaya, Victoria Wakulicz

Interventions - Container Collective: Neville and Robinson; This is not a chip shop: T. Mühlbach + A. Höhne/halle6; Alte Utting: Alte Utting GmbH; Giesinger Grünspitz: Green City e.V. + TUM DesignBuild, photo: J. Nefzger; Piazza Zenetti: raumzeug

Editorial revision
Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel