Park' Dein Park

With a planted loading area of an "Ape", the authors of this idea want to set an example against monofunctional use of street space as parking space. The Ape can be used flexibly as a mobile green space in various parking lots.


Type of intervention: Installation / Action
Project character: appropriation
Theme: traffic / lack of parking space / green city / social city
Project goal: discourse / catalyst

Project location: Munich; city center, Isartorplatz; but flexible!
Project dimension: 12m²

Project period: since April 12, 2019
Project duration: indefinite
project frequency: unknown
Project timeliness: ongoing

Type of open space: loading area of a transport vehicle (Ape)
Ownership: public land
Accessibility: not restricted

clients: none
Creators: Architect's office IFUB* - Johannes Krohne and Bernhard Kurz // Planner
Project partners: none
Other actors: none

(Commissioned) budget: none
Subsidies: none
Own funds: own funds

Planning context ★★★★★
Spatial Planning Context:
The project takes up the concept of "parklets," in which parking lots are temporarily transformed into open spaces with increased quality of stay. As a vehicle, it can be placed extremely flexibly in terms of space and time.

Thematic planning context:
The planted loading area calls on imitators* to appropriate and collectively use other, monofunctionally used parking spaces with mobile greenery in the form of "parking". In this way, the potential of these areas in the street space is to be made clear and a rethinking for more green in the city is to be promoted.

Research Sources (06/16/2019)

Beatrice Leitner, Rafel Stutz

Barth, Green City e.V., 2019

Editorial revision
Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel