Piazza Zenetti

Piazza Zenetti is a temporary redesign and use of a parking lot as part of the City2Share research project. For the duration of two seasons, a temporary square with spatial experiments and events for the neighborhood will be created.


Type of intervention: Installation / Action
Project character: Planning process
Thematic: traffic and sustainable mobility / green city / social city / citizen participation
Project Objective: Activation / Play / Transformation

Project location: Munich; Schlachthofviertel; Zenettiplatz
Project dimension: approx. 500m2

Project period: since September 2018 until October 2019
Project duration: 14 months
project frequency: one-time
Project timings: ongoing

Open space type: parking lot area
Ownership: public land
Accessibility: not restricted

Client*s: Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations, City of Munich, // Administration
Creators: raumzeug (Felix Lüdicke, Johann Christian Hannemann, Korbinian
Lechner) // planner
Project partners: Almannai Fischer Architekten, Schreinerei Steinberger, Green City e.V., MVG, SWM, Stadtfavoriten, City2Share // Planner*, entrepreneur*, activist*.
Other actors: volunteers from the neighborhood

(Contract) Budget: City of Munich, Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations
Funding: Project funds City2Share funding program "Erneuerbar Mobil" of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, district committee
Own funds: volunteer work

Planning context ★★★★☆
Thematic planning context:
The City2Share project exemplifies how intelligent linking, especially through joint use and sharing of mobility infrastructure, can reclaim public open spaces and city squares for the neighborhood that were formerly occupied by stationary traffic.

Spatial Planning Reference:
The design of the expansive furniture sculpture aims to unite - at least visually - the spatially separated halves of the square. In open space experiments, ideas from previous participation workshops are transferred to the square. In this way, the discourse on the long-term redesign of the square in the immediate vicinity of the newly emerging Volkstheater is to be promoted.

Research sources
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Rafael Stutz, Beatrice Leitner

Rafael Stutz, TUM, 2019

Editorial revision
Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel