The SP CE project used the building of the former "Alte Akademie" before the upcoming reconstruction. It offered artists and cultural workers rent-free space for a limited time.


Type of intervention: Action
Project character: temporary use / art / events
Theme: active city / shortage of space
Project goal: transformation / branding / creative industries

Project location: Munich; Alte Akademie, Neuhauser Str. 8-10
Project dimension: approx. 1,300m2

Project period: January - May 2019
Project duration: 5 months
project frequency: one-time
Project timeliness: completed

Type of open space: interior
ownership: private land
Accessibility: with access restriction: target group restriction (actors) with open days for everyone

Client*s: SIGNA Real Estate // Entrepreneur
Creators: SIGNA Prime Selection // entrepreneur
Project partners: Competence Team Cultural and Creative Industries, City of Munich // Administration
Other actors: 40 artists

(Commissioned) budget: unknown
Funding: Funding program "Renewable Mobile", City of Munich, Federal Ministry for the Environment
Own funds: investor's own funds; crowdfunding.

Planning context ★☆☆☆☆
Thematic planning context:
The Pop Up Academy provided actors with favorable space to develop projects and network. The project creates space for actors* to contribute to an active and creative city.

Spatial planning reference:
The project was in the context of the rededication and reconstruction of the Alte Akademie. The Pop Up Stores made the formerly closed area accessible to a broader public. Beyond that, there was no planning reference.

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Carina Brandl, Caren Huckle, Amelie Kessler

Interventions - Container Collective: Neville and Robinson; This is not a chip shop: T. Mühlbach + A. Höhne/halle6; Alte Utting: Alte Utting GmbH; Giesinger Grünspitz: Green City e.V. + TUM DesignBuild, photo: J. Nefzger; Piazza Zenetti: raumzeug

Editorial revision
Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel