Streetlife Festival

The Steetlife Festival is a two-day festival on Ludwigstraße. Against the backdrop of the Europe-wide car-free day, Ludwigstraße will be closed off and repurposed, creating a temporary festival area. In addition to information booths, there will be catering areas and hands-on activities.


Intervention type: Action
Project character: event
Topic: sustainable mobility / green city / active city
Project objective: performance / discourse

Project location: Munich; Schwabing; Ludwigstraße (since 2001, before that Briennerstraße)
Project dimension: on 1,5km length, approx. 70.000m2

Project period: 25-26.05.2019, 07-08.09.2019
Project duration: two days each
Project frequency: recurring, since 2000
Project timing: completed / in planning

Type of open space: street space
Ownership: public land
Accessibility: not restricted

Clients: none
Project creators: Green City e.V., Green City Experience GmbH // activist / agency
Project partners: Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, Corso Leopold e.V.; numerous press partners and sponsors // Agency / Activist / Entrepreneur
Further actors: Operators of information booths, catering and action areas // Entrepreneur*in / social service providers / activists

(Contract) Budget: none
Subsidies: none
Own funds: donations, volunteer work, gastronomy

Planning context ★★★☆☆
Thematic planning context:
The aim is to arouse interest in thinking about inner-city spaces without the spatial dominance of cars. The background of the festival is the Europe-wide car-free day. In addition, topics such as sustainability, green in the city, sustainable forms of mobility or alternative uses in public space will be addressed.

Spatial planning context:
It is less about the concrete impulse to question or redesign the Ludwigsstraße in its form and use than about rethinking urban street spaces.

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Editorial revision
Johann-Christian Hannemann, Felix Lüdicke, Julia Treichel