Wunderwelt Bernried

Projektstudie für eine Kunstlandschaft am Starnberger See

Research Project at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space, TUM

Duration: 2016 - 2017


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl. -Ing. Felix Lüdicke (Projektleitung), B.Sc. Fanny Brandauer, B. Eng. Julian Ulrich

Cooperation Partners:

Buchheim Museum der Phantasie
Gemeinde Bernried am Starnberger See

Research Aim

Development of a general concept for the further development of Bernried to an "imaginative" art landscape - the WUNDERWELT BERNRIED.

Short Description

The village of Bernried and the Buchheim Museum are tourist attractions of the Upper Bavarian region "Pfaffenwinkel". The "Buchheim Museum of Imagination" is located in one of the parks surrounding the town on Lake Starnberg. Bernried's natural location, cultural-historical buildings and extensive parks remain largely unnoticed by museum visitors.
The idea of the project is to bring the village of Bernried and the Buchheim Museum closer together in terms of space and content. Existing qualities should be strengthened and supplemented and an attractive, varied, surprising, wondrous and discover-worthy landscape space should be created.

The following guiding principles will be pursued:

  • Linking the experience of art and nature
  • Introducing imaginative readings of the landscape
  • Improving the footpath connections
  • Creating orientation
  • Increasing the quality of stay
  • Extending the usability
  • Involving residents and visitors