Break Up!

radical urban transformation in Munich ́s pedestrian zone

Semester Project M.A. Landscape Architecture, Summer Semester 2023


The need to unseal surfaces and establish more greenery currently accompanies every project in urban planning and landscape architecture. On the one hand, this demand is urgently needed due to the worsening climate crisis and on the other hand, practical aspects such as existing subterrainian infrastructure, usability or maintenance costs stand in the way of implementation. The project „break up!“ is looking for radical possibilities to implement the greatest possible unsealing and most adequate greening in precisely defined processes by means of a sustainable key objective and image, while also taking into account the heritage protection. Special attention is paid to the temporal development of the vegetation and the quantitative recording of the „break up“ measures.


The task is to portray and analyze Munich ́s old town and its pedestrian zone. In parallel, remarkable vegetation concepts from landscape architecture projects are collected, their potential is worked out and development pro- cesses are recorded in drawings. Likewise, the vegetation structures are related to a quantifiable green factor. In the design part, high-quality, sustainable and climate-optimized strategies for the pedestrian zone are to be presented and vegetation concepts and development are to be designed in greater detail. It is necessary to understand and negotiate the various demands that are made on an old town redevelopment in order to create high-quality open spaces for Munich‘s old town that reflect heritage, socio-ecological as well as ecological needs.


Prof. Regine Keller, M.Eng. Simon Stiegler, M.A. Rafael Stutz; Integration: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Cassian Schmidt and M.A. Fanny Brandauer

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