Research group "Land Use, Infrastructure, Spatial Transformation"

The research group "Land Use, Infrastructure, Spatial Transformation" deals with three constitutive elements of spatial development and their interactions: (1) the abstract-general legal and political framework for land use, (2) the spatially concrete structuring Influences of public and private infrastructures, and (3) the transformative actions of private actors - households and companies - in relation to space. The three corresponding, overarching research topics of land policies and planning, infrastructure and economic geography stand for the basic competencies and interests of the researchers involved in spatial development on different scales. Their intersections result in research priorities and thus concrete research projects, publications and courses. The research topics are also understood against the background of the process of increasing digitalisation and the goal of resource-efficient and socially balanced spatial development, which can be applied to all research topics.

Head: Fabian Wenner

Members and doctoral students: