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Milan-based FONDAMENTA was founded by Francesca Gagliardi and Federico Rossi. Strong is the belief in research and experimentation applied to construction where building is the end to which architecture must strive to become itself and technology the tool used to reach this result. FONDAMENTA questions conventions and supports contradictions. Fascination for structure and freedom from dogma represent the premises for the research; Structure traces space, organizes the program and generates the building. Governance of architecture through technology is believed to be the key to the creation of an organism.Technology drives efficiency, precision and control through the entire process.  

In 2019 the studio completed its first new building, the Winery of Monforte d’Alba, and is currently dealing with different scale projects, starting from a domestic infrastructure masterplan in Val di Noto, Sicily now under construction. Surrealism reigns supreme. 

14.11.2022, 19.30h

Vorhoelzer Forum and ZOOM