MONTAGSREIHE: pool Landscape

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Pool landscape is a creative project between architecture and landscape, founded by Arch. Caterina Gerolimetto, Agr. Elisa Frappi and Landscape Arch. Ilaria Sangaletti. 
Their approach to design is based on the comprehension of the place. His history and the genius loci are reinterpret within a project that combines functional aspects with environmental sustainability. 
Seasons, light, wind, foliage and natural elements are their building materials. Their designs are born from a careful analysis of the site: history, pre-existences, materials, atmosphere, and signs of the landscape are reinterpreted and merged with the client’s needs. The evolving vegetation becomes the protagonist of the space as well as the time that shapes the forms and appearance of a place. With the interaction between the environment and the man who lives in it, the designed space becomes an inhabited place.

MONTAGSREIHE is a series of lectures at the Department of Architecture of the TUM School of Engineering and Design. The series is intended as an enriching contribution to the Munich architectural discourse between architects, students and architecture enthusiasts.

26.06.2023, 7.30 pm

Room 0360/ Entrance "Goldener Engel"
and ZOOM