PowerSKIN Conference 2022

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The conference aims to discuss the future role of building skin to achieve carbon neutral building stocks.

This year’s conference focuses on the building fabric with its environmental potential to unlock. It is increasingly important to integrate the environmental dimension of material and construction into the design phase. This is done particularly by considering the energy and emissions linked to the fabrication of the building fabric and furthermore its ability for reuse and recycling. For this reason, the PowerSKIN Team has chosen the theme:

"Build in stock – renovation strategies: inorganic, circular materials vs. organic, compostable materials" 

During the event presentations about recent scientific research developments regarding the guiding theme are showcased. Three sub topics are provided for authors to choose their field of expertise:

Envelope: The building envelope as an interface for the interaction between indoor and outdoor environment. This topic is focused on functionality, technical development and material properties.

Energy: New concepts, accomplished projects, and visions for the interaction between building structure, envelope and energy technologies.

Environment: Façades or elements of façades which aim for the provision of highly comfortable surroundings where environmental control strategies as well as energy generation and/or storage are an integrated part of an active skin.

In keeping with the theme, the PowerSKIN Conference will be broadcast from a converted office building as part of the Pop-Up Campus RWTH Aachen University: PowerSKIN re-used!


Pop-Up Campus RWTH Aachen University

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