Talk + Intervention: DOM- → Neuperlach

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Artist Talk & Participatory Intervention
On July 9, the Roman collective DOM- (Arianna Lodeserto & Valerio Sirna) will move their practice of urban intervention,
which they carry out among others in Rebibbia (peripheral district of Rome), to Neuperlach.
They dock to the current 2nd action space BOUNCERS - Protector Protest and try a public urban practice
together with the participants and the protectors.

The artistic practice of DOM- revolves around the relationship between bodies and landscapes,
questioning the web of permeability and observing how power, nature and marginality interact in public space.

During the upcoming winter semester DOM- will be visiting the workshop seminar "Transdisciplinary Collectives". The seminar is aimed at students who work collectively themselves or who are interested in feminist, inclusive and anti-colonially conceived collective work.
The workshop Transdisciplinary Collectives invites to exchange and develop strategies that make anti-discriminatory, feminist collective work possible. The seminar is intended to function as empowerment, giving students tools to create collectives that operate on their own. Together, a pool of knowledge and experiences will be gathered from which all can draw. The seminar group becomes a research collective that can continue to exist beyond the seminar.

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9.7.2022, 14-19h

Park at Karl-Marx-Ring 33