SOM Foundation – International Research and Design Forum: On Materiality

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Architecture is constantly evolving. Structure has always been a key aspect of the evolution of architecture. At times, new technologies are created that lead to new opportunities in architecture. Ancient examples include the arch and the dome; modern examples include cable structures and tubular high-rise buildings. Often, this leads to buildings in which the structure and the architecture are so integrated that one cannot be described without also describing the other.

Architecture is rapidly changing as the demand for new design solutions accelerates. We are also in a time when climate change requires new approaches. Structure - and its embodied carbon - is a key aspect in addressing the issues of climate change. Can research lead to new engineering systems and design methodologies that create opportunities for new, substantive architecture that is environmentally responsible?

The second edition of the forum invites some of the world’s leaders in architecture and engineering to congregate at the University of Stuttgart. The full-day event includes presentations by academics and industry leaders whose body of work, creativity, and expertise inspire the future of materiality in the built world. Each forum honors a leader in research and design for architecture and engineering; this edition honors architect and structural engineer Werner Sobek.

Organized by the SOM Foundation and University of Stuttgart and the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC at the University of Stuttgart.

14.10.2022, 8.30h

University of Stuttgart

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