BIMwood in the "ATLAS mehrgeschossiger Holzbau"


In December 2021, the completely revised new edition of the "ATLAS mehrgeschossiger Holzbau" was published. The first findings of the BIMwood research project were... [more]

8th BIMwood Project Meeting at the TU Munich


During the 8th BIMwood project meeting on 18.11.2021, the status quo of the timber construction-specific reference process developed so far was discussed... [more]

BIMwood project meeting at the Vorhoelzer Forum of the TU Munich


The 7th BIMwood meeting took place on 30.07.2021 analogously in the Vorhoelzer Forum of the TU Munich. In addition to the BIMwood MockUP and definitions of terms, the focus of the event... [more]

BIMwood in the DGNB Academy

Johanna Arnold (TU Munich) presented the BIMwood research project at the DGNB Academy. [more]

BIMwood | BIM VIRTUAL of BIMworld Munich

Presentation of the BIMwood research project at the BIM VIRTUAL of BIMworld Munich. [more]

BIMwood Exchange Meeting Germany - Switzerland

The two project teams from Germany and Switzerland updated each other on their BIMwood research projects at an exchange meeting via video conference. [more]

BIMwood project meeting

The main topics currently being worked on were presented by the project partners and put up for discussion. One of the main topics was the further development of the... [more]

BIMwood expert meeting to review the BIM process in timber construction

Second BIMwood expert meeting to review the BIM process in timber construction. [more]

BIMwood project meeting

Review of the developed reference process and definition of work packages for practice partners.[more]

BIMwood expert meeting

In the discussion with an external team of experts consisting of planners with BIM experience, the planning culture aspects of working with BIM... [more]

BIMwood project meeting - Kick-off Meeting

Darstellung und Klärung des „IST-Prozess im BIM-Kontext des vorgefertigten Holzbaus“ aus dem Blickwinkel der einzelnen, am Planungsprozess beteiligten Akteure. [more]