Free master theses

As part of both the mentored Master's programme and the general Master's programme, students have the opportunity to make individual topics the subject of their final thesis. The various aspects of designing and constructing with wood form the overarching subject area.

Interested students can apply to our department with a topic of their own choice, a question they have worked out, to work on a free thesis topic.
The application is made with a small project outline by the middle of the semester (15 June / 15 December) before the Master's thesis. The task will then be specified by the end of the semester as part of the seminar "Methodical Development of Research Questions".

The seminar "Methodical Development of Research Questions" is a compulsory module in the Master's Architecture programme and serves as preparation for the Master's thesis. It is taken at the latest in the semester before the thesis (usually in the 3rd Master's semester). A concise assignment and the development of an independent result are mandatory requirements and components of the free Master's thesis."

Registration (deadline 15th June) 

Registration (deadline 15th December)