The Office of the Future

This semester we invite you to work on a design project at the new chair of Integrated Product Desgin (IPD). The focus of this project is on spatial interior concepts, ranging from the design of furniture and accessories to interior spaces, and possibly including architectural and technological interventions. Specifically, we are investigating and designing "The Office of the Future".

The problem context is threefold: (1) The post-Corona office challenges us to integrate hybrid work scenarios into existing offices and motivate people to return to the office. Unused office spaces, freed up by the rise of working from home, need new uses. And our homes also need to be redesigned to accommodate hybrid forms of work. (2) Generation Z is about to enter the job market. How can companies make their offices more attractive for this particular target group? And (3) the new technologies that are on the rise will also change and influence the design of our future office spaces. What challenges and opportunities for our future offices might arise from autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, the metaverse and other technological trends? The potential of Generative AI will be explored – either as part of your design solution, or as a methodological tool for the design process.

This project is speculative, future-oriented, and experimental. You will design a specific workspace (fictional or concrete) in terms of furniture and office accessories, technological equipment, interior design, or architectural interventions.

An accompanying seminar, input sessions from industry experts, trend safaris, and studio visits will give you additional insight into the subject matter.