Prof. Hermann W. Klöckner

Visiting Researcher, Professor for Interaction Design at Anhalt University, Partner at Cavorit Consulting GmbH

Curriculum Vitae 

Hermann is a professor of interaction design at Anhalt University, situated in the historic Bauhaus, Dessau. He is a partner at Cavorit Consulting GmbH, Berlin, and a father to a wonderful daughter.
 Before and during his studies, he developed several patents in the field of smart geometries. Hermann attempted to study astrophysics but did not succeed. After studying product design at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), under Prof. Burkhard Schmitz, Interactive Systems, he became the lead Art Director at ART+COM with Prof. Joachim Sauter. He led projects such as the science center for medical technology for Otto Bock at Potsdamer Platz and a Kinetic Sculpture for the World Expo Shanghai 2010. Following that, he was a visiting professor at the China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, China. Building on the research project Kinetic Change, he became a partner at Cavorit Consulting GmbH, where he is responsible for the UX of complex systems such as the virtual jet engine VJE for Rolls-Royce and the Fleet Planning tool JoDA for Mercedes-Benz. Continuing his academic pursuits, he became a professor for interactive design at HS Anhalt in 2013. Currently, he leads the timelab with Prof. Rochus Hartmann and is an external researcher at TUM, exploring the relationship between creative spaces and decision-making.
 Hermann is also a marathoner, passionate sailor, average cook, and a very poor surfer.

Research Focus

Interaction Design, Decision-Making, B2B UX, Creative Spaces, Complex Systems, Data Visualization.

Research projects

 - 2022-2024: Ongoing New European Bauhaus – Participation via Augmented Reality
- 2019: Transfer project ‘Forza’, BMBF
- 2013: Research Project 'Kinetic Change' about tangible communication of corporate processes, with Prof. Dr. Ralf Lanwehr.
- 2003: Cultural Clusters, Assistant Lecturer at Prof. Lankilde in cooperation with Mitsubishi Mobile Europe


Currently teaching in MA & BA at Anhalt University, Dessau Department of Design.


 - 2024: "Crafting Future Scenarios with the Help of AI: Potentials of a Hybrid Delphi Expert Panel", HICSS with Prof. Dr. Katja Thoring, Prof. Dr. Roland Müller, Prof. Dr. Kai Larsen
- 2023: "Mind the Future Gap: Introducing the FOD Framework for Future-Oriented Design"
- 2023: "Exploring The Design Space Of Analogue Fashionable Hearing Aids For Users With Mild Hearing Impairments", with MA Martin Wiesner, ICED Bordeaux
- 2022: "Design elements in data physicalization: A systematic literature review", DRS Bilbao, with Žarko Dumičić, Prof. Dr. Katja Thoring, Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost
- 2022: "Delphi Design Sprint", HICSS Conference, with Prof. Katja Thoring, Prof. Roland Müller
- 2013: "Gradient Grid - A Spring Mesh with Different Zones of Flexibility", Design Modeling Symposium
- 2013: New Patent about gradient structures through Rapid Manufacturing
- 1998: International Patents for flexible mesh Formetall / Flexmetall