Kurzentwurf, Summer Semester 2011


In the current plans for a new open space concept in the city center of Freising, the daylighting of streams is a central theme. The streams, which were once important for supply and disposal, now represent a often hidden and almost forgotten infrastructure in the city. Using the Thalhauser Graben as an example, one of these watercourses will be explored and examined in the style of a situationist dérive. The Thalhauser Graben runs below the institute building and disappears on its way towards the city center between streets, houses, and fences.


Participants will explore the course and nature of the Thalhauser Graben in expeditions and experiments along the watercourse. Existing infrastructures such as roads or bridges should be avoided. It should be noted that the stream largely runs through private land and is occasionally underground. Nevertheless, during an expedition, the goal is to get as close as possible to the watercourse and capture the insights, impressions, and experiences gained in a creatively demanding documentation.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl. -Ing. Felix Lüdicke

Student Projects