Kurzentwurf B.Sc. & Stegreifentwurf M.A. Landschaftsarchitektur, Sommersemester 2012


"I want to understand this condition, this energy I have within me, which I also feel in the plants and the landscape. This energy, life flowing through the landscape. It's this intangible thing that's there and then gone. Growth. Time. Change. The concept of flow in nature."

(Andy Goldsworthy, Quote from "Rivers and Tides")


The objective of the exercise is to capture, document, and present the theme of "time" in a small project, an installation, a video, or a photo series. This can involve self-directed ideas as well as the "capturing" of processes and events in our environment.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl. -Ing. Michel Hinnenthal

Student Projects