No Swimming at the Punk Beach!

Kurzentwurf B.Sc. & Stegreifentwurf M.A. Landschaftsarchitektur, Sommersemester 2014


"Bathing prohibited!" is the motto on the banks of the Isar in Landshut's urban area. The fact that the Isar in Munich or Freising is used quite naturally for bathing or cooling feet is - downstream from the Isar - forbidden in Landshut. The banks of the small Isar in Landshut offer only a few direct accesses to the water. Some of the banks drop steeply to the Isar or appear uninviting. Consequently, the Isar flows past Landshut largely inaccessible and a valuable natural recreational space on the water remains unused.


As part of a course at the Technical University of Munich, students at the Department of Landscape Architecture and Public Space designed an artistic installation on the small Isar River in Landshut. They implemented this temporarily on Friday, June 27, 2014 and documented the event photographically. The nine student installations pursue the goal of sensitizing the people of Landshut to their river. The action is intended to be an impulse to create more open space qualities along the Isar. The individual installations consist of up to 14 commercially available yellow air mattresses. Air mattresses evoke associations such as bathing fun or beach vacations in the viewer. The students make use of this symbolic content, but remove the air mattresses from their familiar context: the mattresses hang in the trees, form themselves into stairs, or float deserted and out of reach in the water. Confronted with this unfamiliar impression, the passerby begins to question the status quo of the section of the river he is familiar with.


Dipl. Ing. Juliane Schneegans und Dipl. Ing. Felix Lüdicke

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