Die Suche nach dem Ideal

Master's Thesis M.A. Landscape Architecture, Laura Kuhn


Our well-being is often just a question of weather. (French proverb)

Urban agglomerations should be green, climate-friendly and livable. In times of climate change, increasing urban density and urbanity, the interaction of green, climate and people takes on an expanded significance. Studies show that green space and climate have a lasting impact on human health. In urban development, the topics of health and well-being, climate and green spaces are therefore increasingly discussed in order to draw consequences for the design of urban spaces. It is the essential concern of this work to trace the "search for an ideal constellation" across disciplines. With the evaluation of literature, studies and case studies, the tracing of "ideal" conditions, green spaces and designs takes place.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Metzler, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lüdicke

A view copy of the master's thesis is available for inspection at the chair by appointment.