Munich 7

Bachelor's Thesis B.Sc. Landscape Architecture and Planning, Summer Semester 2015


The project and the thesis deal with seven squares in Munich's old town. Away from the pedestrian zones created in the 1970s, smaller squares fell behind and degenerated into backyard-like parking facilities. Motorized traffic within Munich's old town has decreased rapidly over the past 10 years - the idea of a car-free old town is now being discussed. The use and appreciation of urban open spaces, on the other hand, has increased enormously in recent years and calls for appealing design and improved quality of stay. In turn, climatic aspects are of central importance for a pleasant stay. How can the network of urban squares in Munich's old town look like in the future? What is the potential of the individual places? What design is required for this?


The project takes place as group work and is intensively supervised. The first task is to jointly describe and evaluate the situation of the old town squares in Munich. For a more detailed analysis, each participant chooses a square (max. 2 participants per square) and places it in its changing context. The thesis is an individual work with two design critiques. A concept is to be developed for the square selected in the project, which takes into account the changing traffic, cultural and climatic demands, and an open space planning design is to be elaborated.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Brandl, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lüdicke

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