Walking the City

Research and Conception of a Staged Walk with Jan Gehl

Kurzentwurf B.Sc. & Stegreifentwurf M.A. Landscape Architecture, Summer Semester 2015


Danish architect and urban planner Jan Gehl calls for a more human architecture of our cities. His theses and approaches are brought closer to a larger audience by the documentary film "The Human Scale". At TUM, he will present his theses and approaches in a lecture.Walking Science also approaches the landscape and city from a human perspective. In preparation for the lecture, a walk with Jan Gehl will be designed, leading through Munich's urban development quarters and raising questions for the lecture and the subsequent discussion.


During a workshop day, students explore urban development quarters between Kunstareal and Kreativquartier. In the process, they search for expressive places. Together, they will design the route and incorporate various actions into the course of the walk with Jan Gehl.Finally, the participants will design an "artistic map" as a guide for the walk.


Dipl. Ing. Felix Lüdicke, M. Sc. Johann-Christian Hannemann, Dr. Ing. Agnes Förster

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