Freising - Domberg Süd

Semester Project B.Sc. Landscape Architecture and Planning, Winter Semester 2011/12


On the southern slope of Freising's Domberg, immediately adjacent to the old town yet somewhat secluded, there is a large green space - a blank canvas for public use in Freising's urban landscape. In addition to the steep south-facing slope with retaining walls, there is a flat, partially grazed grassy area that is currently inaccessible to the public. This area features a few peripheral buildings and clusters of vegetation. Separated from it by the Moosach River is the Fürstendamm, whose attractive and heavily-used pedestrian and cycling path does not have a suitable endpoint at the B11 or the railway tracks in the southeast. The issues of a deficit in inner-city public green spaces and the pedestrian/cycling network between Fürstendamm, "Domwiese," and the old town have been addressed within the context of the much-discussed Freising Inner City Concept. The "Open Space Concept Domberg Süd" was ranked sixth in terms of priority among 26 measures by a citizens' assembly. Simultaneously, there are efforts by the owner to increasingly reactivate this urban gem.


How could this historically significant urban green space develop when opened to residents and visitors of the city? What new connections could be established, and what program should the area serve? How should factors such as owner preferences, public recreational space needs, historical and urban landscape preservation, and landscape protection be weighted? Will it be a tightrope walk to adequately meet the various responsibilities as a planner?


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Doris Grabner, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Metzler, Dipl. Ing. Juliane Schneegans