istanbul - arriving

Bus Stations as Infrastructure Landscape

Bachelor's Thesis B.Sc. Landscape Architecture abd -planning, Winter Semester 2012/13
Bachelor Project Landscape Architecture IV
Design Studio Master


Buses are one of the main forms of travel in Turkey. Istanbul has several large bus terminals for regional, national and international destinations. Thousands of people arrive, depart or wait for onward travel here every day. These transportation hubs are sometimes located in tense and prominent places in the fabric of the city. The seclusion and mono-functionality hardly does justice to the central importance of these places. The functionality of the facilities for vehicles is often in the foreground, but largely ignored is the fact that these infrastructures serve at the same time as staging and waiting areas, as places of departure and arrival.


The design project aims to qualify the technical traffic landscape of a bus terminal as a place to stay, where arriving in Istanbul becomes a positive experience. In this context, the needs of the users, as well as aspects of traffic planning and the urban and natural space costellations must be recorded and a coherent design for the facility must be developed.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hauck, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lüdicke, Dipl.-Ing. Susann Ahn, Dipl.-Ing. Juliane Schneegans

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