Semester Project B.Sc. Landscape Architecture and Planning, Winter Semester 2014/15


Egidienplatz is part of the medieval old town of Nuremberg. It is located in the northern part of the old town, the so-called Sebaldstadt. The north-eastern part of Sebaldstadt is called Egidienviertel, named after the parish church of St. Egidien. It is a popular residential area with existing university buildings and schools. The square is the center of the Egidienviertel and forms an important square ensemble with Theresienplatz. The Egidienplatz is under ensemble protection of the Old Town of Nuremberg. Directly adjacent to the square are several listed buildings and monuments. However, the current open space can only be experienced to a limited extent, as the square is almost completely blocked by parked cars and furnishings. The open space appears disorderly, and the trash containers at the southern entrance to the square are particularly eye-catching. In addition, the sidewalk shows considerable subsidence, the sidewalk areas are covered with concrete slabs. The city of Nuremberg has long intended to remodel and renew Egidienplatz. The aim of this measure is to upgrade the square as the focal point of the Egidienviertel district. The city of Nuremberg therefore commissioned a feasibility study back in 2009.


Egidienplatz is suitable as a public open space with a neighborhood square character due to its location in an old-town residential area of Nuremberg and its surroundings characterized by historic buildings. Furthermore, Egidienplatz could also serve in conjunction with Theresienplatz as a cultural meeting and focal point of the Egidienviertel and at the same time counteract the overuse of the Hauptmarkt by developing it as an alternative location for events.

Alternative concepts and design proposals for Egidienplatz are to be developed as part of the design project



Prof. Regine Keller, Felix Metzler, Felix Lüdicke

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