Semester Project M.A. Landscape Architecture, Winter Semester 2019


Munich's Augustenstrasse connects Maxvorstadt with the Bahnhofsviertel in the south and Schwabing in the north. In the course of reconstruction after the Second World War, the opportunity was taken to widen the street by 5m. However, this process was never fully completed. Today, a few preserved historic buildings along the original building line alternate with the new buildings of the 50s and 60s that have been shifted to the rear. The space gained is hardly used, the street is disorderly, confusing and does not follow any design concept. By returning the building line to the original building line (up to 5 m), not only could urgently needed living space be created, but Augustenstrasse could also be rethought. This redensification and the associated gain in building rights provides advantages for the owners. Here, however, it is also important to hold the developers accountable. For only if the increase in private living space also creates added value for the public space and for the common good can a contribution be made to solving the ecological and social challenges of the city. The street space, which until now has been dominated primarily by moving and parked cars, is to be transformed in the design into Munich's first Green Mile.


In interdisciplinary teams, we will deal with the architecture of the individual buildings as well as with innovative open space concepts. In doing so, we will leave behind the classic separation between architecture and open space and develop holistic solutions. In particular, we need to explore the potential of the up to 5-meter-deep spatial layer, which can be reinterpreted by moving back the building line. But it is equally important to develop the open spaces between the buildings as a multifunctional mobility and green space and to further develop the existing buildings.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl. -Ing. Florian Rüger, Tobias Johannes Haag M.A., Prof. Andreas Hild, Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig

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