Dicker Hans*

Dicker Hans is a freely accessible bouldering block. In the summer of 2021, the installation was located on the Theresienwiese, in 2022 it was moved to the parking lot under the Candidbrücke.


Project location: Munich; Untergiesing; parking lot under the Candid Bridge
Street segment: parking lots
Project dimension: 72m2

Project period: several years (2021 Theresienwiese, 2022-previously 2027 Candidbrücke)
Project frequency: permanent

Initiators: Activists (KraxlKollektiv)
Project creators: Activists (KraxlKollektiv)

Type of construction
spatial elements: object (bouldering rock), floor (fall protection area), barrier device
Material: solid larch construction wood, screen printing plates, boulder grips, wood chips, spray paint
Planting: none

Access: permanent, public
Target group: participants (children, athletes)
Program: Sports offer

Planning: Own contribution (KraxlKollektiv)
Production: own contribution (KraxlKollektiv)
Material: Funding (Municipality - Department for Education and Sports, District Committee)
Operation: own contribution (KraxlKollektiv)

Approval format
Special use

Planning context
Thematic planning context ★☆☆☆
Location-specific planning context ★☆☆☆

Research sources
Own recordings of the authors

Felix Engel, Eva Raischl, Hannah Reiter, Theresa Zierer

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Katharina Dropmann