Halt 58

The installation Halt 58 uses a former bus stop under the railroad bridge at Kolumbusplatz. Planting, various artistic objects and graffiti create a lounge and place for events.


Project location: Munich; Au; Kolumbusplatz
Street segment: street lane (former bus stop)
Project dimension: 750m2

Project period: several years (since 2018)
Project frequency: permanent

Initiators: Citizens' initiative (More space to live)
Project creators: Citizens' Initiative (More Space for Life)

Construction type
Space elements: Furnishing, objects, wall, vegetation.
Material: plant troughs, art objects, aluminum profiles, aluminum dibond panels, concrete cuboids, mosaic tiles, wood, sheet metal, old telephone booth, rain barrel
Planting: perennials and shrubs in troughs, woody plants in the ground

Access: permanent, public
Target group: residents, participants
Program: stay, events

Planning: Own contribution (citizens' initiative)
Production: own contribution (citizens' initiative), city administration (building department - tree planting)
Material: own resources (citizens' initiative), funding (district committee), city administration (building department)
Operation: own contribution (citizens' initiative)

Approval format
Play street

Planning context
thematic planning context ★★☆☆
location-specific planning context ★★☆☆

Research sources
Own recordings of the authors

Denise Gordeev, Felix Zimmermann, Florian Homfeldt, Paul Grosser

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Katharina Dropmann