Piazza Zenetti

At Zenettiplatz, a temporary meeting place is created on a former parking lot by means of wooden spatial elements and planting. Events for the neighborhood and visitors will take place in a green environment.


Project location: Munich; Schlachthofviertel; Zenettiplatz
street segment: parking lots
Project dimension: 500m2

Project period: several years (2018-2020 within the project "City2Share", since 2021 by citizens' initiative)
Project frequency: permanent (since 2018)

Initiators: City administration (department for urban planning and building regulations)
Project creators: Professionals (raumzeug - Atelier für Landschaftsarchitektur), citizens' initiative (BI Piazza Zenetti), city administration (Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations), interest group (Green City e.V.), businesses (surrounding stores)

Space elements: Furnishing, wall, vegetation, object
Material: construction wood, wood composite panels, substrate, paint, euro pallets, raised beds
Planting: flowers, perennials, vegetables, herbs and woody plants in troughs

Access: permanent, public
Target group: residents, passers-by
Program: Interactive furniture, stay, event

Planning: Contract (Department for Urban Planning and Building Regulations)
Production: Commission (Department for Urban Planning and Building Regulations), own contribution (citizens' initiative)
Material: Order (Department for Urban Planning and Building Regulations, Building Department), Funding (District Committee)
Operation: Own contribution (citizens' initiative)

Approval format
rezoning / special use

Planning context
Thematic planning context ★★★★
Location-specific planning context ★★★★

Research sources
Own recordings of the authors

Philipp Endisch, Jessica Griesbauer, Vincent Wenk, Daniel Wolfram

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Katharina Dropmann