Sommerstraße Holzplatz

As part of Munich's "Summer Streets," the Holzplatz became a traffic-calmed area. Different furnishing elements such as chairs, play materials and a rolled lawn make the square usable in a variety of ways. In front of the adjoining bars and pubs, outdoor cafés were built as temporary open-air bar areas.


Project location: Munich; Isarvorstadt; Holzplatz
street segment: whole roadway, parking lots
Project dimension: 270m2

Project period: several months (20.06. - 18.09.2022)
Project frequency: recurring (2021/2022)

Initiators: City administration (mobility department), city politics (district committee), citizens' initiative (turf, surveys), companies (gastronomy - pub gardens)
Project creators: City administration (building department), professionals (StudioStadtRegion), citizens' initiative, companies (gastronomy)

Space elements: Furnishing, object, vegetation, wall, floor, barrier device
Materials: square timber, europallet, concrete troughs, signs, tables, chairs
Planting: turf, flowers in troughs

Access: permanent, public / restricted (opening hours, compulsory consumption in pub gardens)
Target group: residents, passers-by, consumers
Program: stay, hospitality, information/survey (citizens' initiative)

Planning: own contribution (mobility department), order (mobility department), own contribution (citizens' initiative), own contribution (companies)
Production: own contribution (building department), own contribution (citizens' initiative), own contribution (company)
Material: own contribution (Bareferat), funding (district committee), own contribution (citizens' initiative)
Operation: own contribution (building department), own contribution (citizens' initiative)

Approval format
Sommerstraße (traffic-calmed area), Schanigarten

Planning context
Thematic planning context ★★★★
Location-specific planning context ★★☆☆

Research sources
Own recordings of the authors

Jessica Kuhn, Paula Klug, Jana Langner, Lei Su

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Katharina Dropmann