Summer Street Holzplatz

As part of Munich's "Summer Streets," the turning area at Holzplatz is being traffic-calmed and redesigned. A variety of furnishing elements will turn the square into a space with a high quality of stay.

Project location: München; Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt; Holzplatz
Street segment: whole lane (turning area), 6 parking lots

Project period: June 2023 - September 2023
Project frequency: recurring (2021/2022/2023)

Initiators: Municipality (Mobility Department), City Policy (District Committee), Citizens (Residents)
Project creators: Municipality (Construction Department), Professionals (StudioStadtRegion), Citizens (Residents), Business (Gastronomy)

Construction elements
spatial: 2 seating platforms made of euro pallets, 4 concrete buckets
planar: rolled turf

spatial: none
planar: lawn, flowers in tubs

Furniture: 8 chairs, 3 beer tables, 6 beer benches, 2 garbage cans, bicycle stand
Events: recurring (residents' meeting)

Comparison before/experiment

Evaluation perimeter (street space from facade to facade): 2037 m2

Zoning (before)

Zoning (experiment)

Car: 979 m2

Car: 833 m2

Bike: 0 m2

Bike: 24 m2

Pedestrian: 1050 m2

Pedestrian: 1180 m2

Other: 8 m2

Other 8 m2

Parking lots (before)

Parking lots (experiment)

Car: 28

Car: 22

Bike: 0

Bike: 12

Surfaces (before)

surfaces (experiment)

sealed: 1727 m2

sealed 1716 m2

half sealed: 0 m2

half sealed:  11 m2*

not sealed: 310  m2

not sealed:  310 m2

* temporary greenery in pots or similar is recorded as half-sealed surface


Own measurement (28.07.2023) / Literature research (Website, besucht am 01.08.2023)

Qiuyuan Chen, Jingyi Xu

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Daniel Wolfram