The Kazmair-Allee project is intended to make it possible to experience how Kazmair Street can be designed with tree plantings.

Project location: Munich; Schwanthalerhöhe; Kazmaierstraße
Street segment: 10 parking spaces

Project period: June 2023 - October 2023
Project frequency: once (2023)

Initiators: Interest group (Munich Sustainability Initiative - MIN)
Creators: Representation of interests (Münchner Intiative Nachhaltigkeit - MIN) / Municipality (Building Department for Horticulture) / Citizens (residents)

Construction elements
spatial: 10 plant troughs (diameter: 1,60m; height 1m)
planar: none

spatial: 10 medium sized trees (Crataegus x prunifolia)
planar: perennials as underplanting of the trees

Furniture: information tree and mailbox
Events: selective (street festival)

Comparison before/experiment

Evaluation perimeter (street space from facade to facade): 1624m2

Zoning (before)

Zoning (eexperiment)

Car: 864 m2 

Car: 844 m2 

Bike: 25 m2 

Bike: 25 m2 

Pedestrian: 735 m2 

Pedestrian: 745 m2 

Other: 0m2

Other: 10m2

Parking lots (before)

Parking lots (experiment)

Car: 16

Car: 11 

Bike: 10

Bike: 10

Surfaces (before)

Surfaces (experiment)

sealed: 1624 m2 

sealed: 1614 m2 

half sealed: 0 m2 

hhalf sealed: 10 m2* 

not sealed: 0 m2 

not sealed: 0 m2 

*temporary greenery in pots or similar is recorded as half-sealed surface

Own measurement 26.07.23; literature research (www.m-i-net/manufaktur-2/kazmairallee/, 20.08.23); Conversation with Sylvia Hladky 14.07.23

Oliver Bursi, Julius Vongehr

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Daniel Wolfram