AQT Südliche Au – Kolumbusstraße

As part of the research project "Car-reduced neighborhoods for a livable city (aqt)", a section of Kolumbusstraße in the "südliche Au" area will be closed off and designed as a green and recreation area.

Project location: Munich; Südliche Au, Kolumbusstraße
Street segment: 40 parking spaces, entire roadway

Project period: June 2023 - October 2023
Project frequency: once in 2023

Initiators: Institutions (Technical University of Munich), city administration (mobility department, planning department), interest groups (Hans Sauer Foundation)
Creators: Institutions (Technical University of Munich), professionals (StudioStadtRegion), companies (Stadtwerke München), citizens (residents)

Construction elements
planar: sand, rolled turf, water-bound road surface
spatial: open wooden cubes, canvas, play platforms, raised beds, water tanks

spatial: 4 small trees in planting boxes
planar: rolled lawn; flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits in raised beds

Furniture: 27 raised beds, 13 seating and storage boxes, 1 wooden platform, chairs, benches
Events: selective (kick-off event, gardening & questions, aperitivo & gardening, games and sports events (yoga...)) and recurring (office hours every 2nd week)

Comparison before/experiment

Evaluation perimeter (street space from facade to facade): 2036 m2

Zoning (before)

Zoning (experiment)

Car: 1164 m2 

Car: 423 m2

Bike: 23 m2 

Bike:  23 m2

Pedestrian: 677 m2

Pedestrian: 1418 m2 

Other: 172 m2

Other: 172 m2

Parking lots (before)

Parking lots (experiment)

Car: 53 

Car: 0 

Bike: 9

Bike: 9

Surfaces (before)

Sourfaces (experiment)

sealed: 1864 m2 

sealed: 1491 m2 

half sealed: 0 m2

half sealed: 373 m2*

not sealed: 172 m2

not sealed: 172 m2

* temporary greenery in pots or similar is recorded as half-sealed surface

Own measurement 02.08.2023; conversations with Marco Kellhammer and Simone Aumann 14.07.2023;                                                                                              Literature research (website, 30.08.2023 ;, 30.08.2023)

Aylin Altungök, Laura Pehlke

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Daniel Wolfram