Piazza Zenetti

A temporary meeting place is being created on a parking lot. The space, designed with furniture and plants, invites visitors from the neighborhood to linger.

Project location: Munich; Schlachthofviertel; Zenettiplatz
Street segment: 10 parking spaces

Project period: several years (2018-2020 research project "City2Share", since 2021 by citizens' initiative)
Project frequency: continuous (since 2018)

Initiators: Municipality (Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations)
Creators: Professionals (raumzeug - studio for landscape architecture), citizens (citizens' initiative Piazza Zenetti), city administration (building department), interest group (Green City e.V.), businesses (surrounding stores)

Construction elements
spatial: 5 benches (with storage space), 1 wall with bookcase and pinboard, 19 wooden troughs, 1 trash can for pizza boxes, 2 trash cans, 1 lounger platform, 1water tank
planar: lawn joints in the large stone paving (existing parking lot)

spatial: 9 small trees in wooden troughs
planar: flowers, vegetables, herbs and perennials in raised beds

Furniture: interactive furniture, stay,
Events: recurring (residents' meeting)

Comparison before/experiment

Evaluation perimeter (street space from facade to facade): 1054m2

Zoning (before)

Zoning (experiment)

Car: 519 m2

Car: 395 m2

Bike: 15 m2

Bike: 15 m2

Pedestrian:  358 m2

Pedestrian:  482 m2

Other: 162 m2

Other: 162 m2

Parking lots (before)

Parking lots (experiment)

Car: 26 

Car: 16 


Bike: 34

Surfaces (before)

Surfaces (experiment)

sealed: 892 m2

sealed: 884 m2

half sealed: 0 m2

half sealed: 8 m2*

not sealed: 162 m2

not sealed: 162 m2

*temporary greenery in pots or similar is recorded as half-sealed surface

Own measurement; literature research (website https://www.arc.ed.tum.de/lao/forschung/forschungsplattformen/1/munich-lab/strassenexperimente-muc/piazza-zenetti/#c48289, 26.07.23); https://www.garten-landschaft.de/piazza-zenetti/

, 26.07.23);  www.raumzeug.de/altes-zeug/piazza-zenetti/ ,  26.07.23; www.greencity.de/projekt/piazza-zenetti/,besucht am 26.07.23)

Oliver Bursi, Julius Vongehr

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Daniel Wolfram