Otto Valentien (1897-1987)

Creation of the Otto Valentien estate archive with compilation of a finding aid book

Research Project at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space, TUM

Duration: 2016


Sabine Brantl

Short Description

In 2016, Otto Valentien's estate was processed at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space - thanks to the former chair holder Prof. Christoph Valentien - and an archive with a finding aid was created. The freelance garden architect and painter wrote several books on the subject of home gardens. In the 1950s and 1960s he set the tone and wanted to integrate the house into the overall organism of nature through the plant.
His estate includes written documents and publications, a photo archive, as well as plans and artistic drawings. The finding aid allows quick and targeted access to the archival documents, provides an overview of his oeuvre, and thus offers an excellent basis for further research on the work of one of the most important people in the modern history of landscape architecture.