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Ein Kloster öffnet sich zu Gemeinde und Landschaft

Bachelor´s Thesis, B.Sc. Landscape Architecture and Planning, Summer Semester 2022


The monastery in Bernried was founded in 1121 on the western shore of Lake Starnberg and is embedded in a picturesque landscape, which is being worked on by the chair in various projects as "Wonder World Bernried". In 2021, the municipality of Bernried acquired the monastery, as the sisters of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, who had operated the complex as a monastery and educational house for adult education since 1949, could no longer manage and support it on their own in the long term. The listed ensemble is now faced with the challenge of changing from an introverted convent, including the associated outdoor facilities, to a school building and public space for the community of Bernried. This raises a number of questions about the future role and design of the monastery garden. After the acquisition of the ensemble, the municipality is at the beginning of its reflections on how to deal with the site. The findings of the project can and should contribute to the future handling of the area.


The first task was to determine the basic principles for the design task of the Bernried monastery garden, to document them in a scientifically sound manner, and to evaluate them. Based on this, a design for the site was conceived in individual work. In the process, coherent concepts were developed that combine the needs of future users with spatial qualities. The goal was to design an attractive monastery garden that would fit into the context between Bernried's settlement, Lake Starnberg and Bernried Park.


Prof. Regine Keller, M.Eng. Simon Stiegler

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