The Climate Joker

The Climate Joker

A New Card is in the Deck

Semester Project M.A. Landscape Architecture, Summer Semester 2022


Over the last 50 years, the face of many Bavarian city centres has changed significantly. They have been renovated and redesigned in the course of various funding programmes. While monument preservation, mobility and local mobility or local supply have always been important issues, ecological concerns such as urban greenery or water in the city have become increasingly important in recent years. With regard to these climate-relevant factors, normative specifications and regulations are lacking in planning reality. Due to conflicts with underground infrastructure such as sewers and pipelines, listed buildings and ensembles, or access and emergency routes, green factors without binding specifications are often lost in a negotiation process. Is this legitimate? Or do historically developed old cities also need to accommodate more green and blue infrastructure in view of the climate crisis?


The first part of the master project is an analysis and evaluation of Bavarian city centers with regard to their specific characteristics and the handling of a quantifiable green quantity figure. In this step, potentials and weaknesses will be reflected.
In the design phase, groups will develop a design for a historic Bavarian city center that must meet a specified green quantity number. The goal is to weigh and negotiate this quantification in the spatial context as well as in the context of competing planning requirements and needs. In the process, an attitude for the future handling of historically grown structures is to be developed.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Florian Rüger, M.A. Rafael Stutz

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