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Insight into the semester projects

In LAREG's design projects, the landscape is shaped in a formative way. Small-scale planning forms a conceptual framework between abstract objectives of spatial order and landscape planning and concrete local projects, as designed in master plans or regional structural concepts. In particular, this involves the enhancement of landscape qualities and the improvement of its ecological, social and aesthetic conditions.

In the field of landscape architecture, we attach importance to the fact that the plans should show concrete, morphological qualities of the space. This means that no planning derivations but drafts are to be created; no symbols, hatchings or fixations are to be used, but the elements shown on a topographic map at a scale of 1:25 000. They are additionally enriched by a spatial accuracy as it is possible in urban black plans - i.e. figure-ground relationships of object textures to spatial textures or network textures. 

Project overview