Profile, Topics, Projects

The professorship explores the conceptual, formative design of open space and landscape as a structural provider for new urban and rural living environments in four perspectives:

  • Critical reconstruction and gentle renewal of rural spaces: countryside and cultural landscape
  • Revitalization of the European city: city and open space
  • Qualification of the suburban space: Urban landscapes
  • Integration of new land uses and infrastructures: Energy and Landscape

We are particularly interested in how evolved structures of cultural landscapes and urban spaces can be exposed, protected and reinterpreted in order to use landscape and open space as structural providers and as a principle of spatial coherence in the ongoing profound and necessary transformation processes. We are concerned both with prominent areas of conflict, such as wind energy and solar plants in the landscape or land consumption - and with more inconspicuous but equally significant problems and potentials, such as proportions of infrastructures in the landscape, meeting places of rural partial cultures, a right to landscape and the public sphere in suburban spaces.

The research projects on landscape aesthetics, social acceptance and participation in the energy transition are a focal point.
The social issues of open space, public space and landscape are the focus of a cluster of dissertations by LAREG's scientific staff - and of several student theses.
We deal with rural areas, land development and land use, including land consumption problems, in publications and academy projects.
Through numerous current and former doctoral students and guest doctoral students and master theses, we also have a focus on China.
Current research projects (see individual presentations):

Land and Cultural Landscape

2019 / 2020 Open Encounter Sites of Rural Milieus. On the Spatial-Social Effectiveness of Unplanned Public Spaces and Open Landscape in Rural Development. Funded by the Office for Rural Development Upper Bavaria.

Energy and Landscape

2021 Municipal working group wind energy and solar open space concept Roding.

2020 / 2021 Active BüKE. Citizen experts in climate protection and the energy transition. with Deutsche Umwelthilfe, MSH Medical School Hamburg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics. Funded by the Mercator Foundation.

2020 / 2021 Landscape Dialogue on Wind Energy. Sponsored by the district of Ebersberg.