Prof. Dr. Sören Schöbel

Dr. Ing. Landscape Architect ByAK

Emil-Ramann-Str. 6
D-85354 Freising
phone +49.8161.71.4157
fax +49.8161.71.4111


Prof. Schöbel (b. 1967) researches and lectures in the field of conceptual, form-giving design of open space and landscapes as a scientific method (“research by design”). His research is focused on urban open space structures, urban landscapes and new energy landscapes. After studying landscape planning at TU Berlin, Prof. Schöbel worked as a freelancer in landscape architecture (building, urban development and regional level). During that time, he also lectured at TU Berlin. He was a research fellow there under Prof. Wenzel between 1998 and 2003 and did his doctorate on qualitative methods in open space planning. Since 2005, he has been an associate professor at TUM. Prof. Schöbel is a member of the scientific board of the Bayerische Akademie Ländlicher Raum.