Landschaft (re)kultivieren lake landscape of Oberpfalz


In the phase of design, a regional landscape or a 'regional' topic is chosen for the landscape. Based on a spatial structure and shape, overarching designs are developed.


Landschaft (re)kultivieren

In the design project, we want to develop landscape architectural, regional and local concepts for the subsequent use of former open-cast mining areas in Bavaria. In the conversion areas of an open-cast mine in the Oberpfälzer lignite mining region, we want to investigate how the usual (re)cultivation can be implemented in such a way that a 'precinct' becomes landscape - a place - again. 

Like lignite mining itself, legally prescribed recultivation initially follows industrial logics in which each space is assigned certain functions (priority areas, land use categories). However, a landscape full of quality and identity in the sense of a European cultural landscape only emerges (again) when a mixture and overlapping of diverse functions and a uniquely formative shape have been developed. 

The aim is to design, 
- how historical landscape characteristics, the industrial heritage and new landscapes can be brought together, 
- how different spatial demands and land uses, nature conservation, forestry, tourism and energy, etc. can be linked in a meaningful way rather than being separated, and 
- how, in a large-scale post-mining landscape, an overall landscape context and, at the same time, local characteristics can be formed as sub-spatial differentiations. 

The aim is to develop realisable designs for a mining area in a regional conceptual context. 

The project is being carried out in cooperation with the (former) operator of the opencast mine and the two municipalities of Steinberg am See and Wackersdorf as well as the district. The results of the students' work will later be introduced into the discussions on the future in the municipalities.