Research Methods in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

The module consists of two parallel seminars, Mapping and Research through Design.

In the seminar, mapping is taught as a practical drawing tool - far beyond graphics and depiction of spatial relationships - to make the imperceptible visible in graphic mapping with the help of physical-material structures. Mapping becomes an analytical and research tool to investigate the mediating level between social and physical space and its spatial qualities. In the following seminar Research through Design we will deal with its theory, with quality criteria of scientific knowledge and their application, using the mapping results as a basis for our designing research.

To complete the module (in Landscape Architecture program: 6 ECTS, in the ULS program: 5 ECTS), participation in the two consecutive seminars Mapping and Research through Design is required. Research Methods is not offered in the summer semester.

Topic of seminar WS 2023/24

Modern cultural landscapes - multifacial structural enablers?

The shape and integration of renewable energies (RE) traditionally arise from a function oriented towards energy production. For the landscape and its users they often represent foreign bodies. At the same time, new forms of RE are constantly being developed. For example, linearly oriented bifacial agri-PV modules ("PV fences") represent an innovative type. This offers potential for new approaches to landscape integration and utilization. The question always arises how the functionally oriented modules can be enriched with further social and aesthetic qualities. Inspiration for this is provided by cultural-historical landscape elements, i.e. structural elements of the landscape, such as hedges, fences, ditches or avenues. In addition to their material appearance, these convey further, immaterial qualities and functions.

How can the integration of linear bifacial PV modules as modern structures learn from the intangible qualities of existing cultural and historic landscape features?


Kick-off event: 25.10.2023 9.45 a.m.
Institute Landscape, Room O5 (1st floor)
Emil-Ramann-Strasse 6 
85354 Freising 

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